Maui Offroad Adventure Videos

Here are some videos from YouTube featuring Maui’s diverse terrain. Maui’s countless geographical features provide off-road drivers opportunities to test both one’s vehicle and one’s driving ability. 

Ernie Saldivar is the owner of a small YouTube channel. He regularly post crazy offroad videos from Maui. Here are some of our favorite.

Warning: Adult language ahead!

This video starts with a jeep which is totally on its side, and the pulled back up to standing straight. Watch the video and see what a Toyota 4Runner and a Jeep can do!

Do these guys deliberately place rocks in their path to increase the difficulty of their crawl? 

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Can you identify any of these spots? Do you have some favorite Maui offroading videos your own? Do you like Ernie’s videos? Let us know in the comments. Aloha!