Intense Motorsports Maui Goes Drag Racing

On May 26th, IMM’s head of sales Jareth Javier competed at the Maui Raceway Park. He competed in the Import Shootout division against Maui’s top imports. Jareth pilots a turbocharged 1997 Honda Civic Hatchback; which IMM built everything in house. 

While most of the Maui community see IMM as a ‘truck lift shop.’ Few residents are aware that IMM was originally founded by a high-speed enthusiast. We have experienced drag racers in-house. We do turbos, engines, transmissions, ECU’s, tuning, or purchasing and/or mounting slicks. We also are comfortable with both import and domestic racing upgrades.

Besides serving our Maui Drag Race community, we also work with Maui Drifters and the Autocross community. We’ve dialed in drift spec suspensions as well as helped our autocross customers go fast. 

Jareth finished 2nd place in the Maui Import Shootout. His best time was 11.12 at 129mph. 

Maui Raceway Park Info and Schedule