Best Hiking Spots, Upcountry, Maui

Maui is known by all for its beautiful beaches and waterfalls. Locals to the island quickly learn that Maui has much more to offer in the area of outdoor activities than they may have originally thought. Here are some great spots to check out Upcountry if you are looking to get outdoors.

For clarification, none of these spots are in the Haiku, Pawela, and Huelo areas, which are considered to most to be part of Upcountry. This post also excludes trails in Haleakala National Park. Both these areas have great hiking opportunities, but for the sake of scope, we will include them in a future post.

Olinda Forest

Waihou Springs Trail

This trail is great if you want a relaxed trail. The simple loop is relatively easy to navigate. Waihou Spring Trail is dog friendly and many elderly residents regularly enjoy the trail. If you decide to walk to the springs, pay heed. The trail to the springs is more difficult than the rest of the trail.

You will not likely be able to see the sunset from this trail so it’s best to avoid coming too late, or even too early. If your priority is to bring your dog, this trail is the best choice of the spots listed on this blog.

Distance: 2 to 5 miles

Difficulty: Easy, Moderate if you decided walk down the trail to the springs.

Google Maps:

Thompson Road

Thomspon Road is world famous because of some real estate toward the end of the trail is owned by Oprah Winfrey. Thomson is more of a walk than a hike. Its road terrain is great for strollers, wagons, skateboards, roller skates, and street bikes. Many regard Thompson as one of the best sunset walks on the island, as you can see the West Maui Mountains. Of the spots featured on this list, Thompson road is the winner for most romantic. Especially during sunset.

Distance: 3 miles (1.5 each way)

Difficulty: Easy

Google Maps:

Kahakapao Trail Loop

Na Ala Hele

The Makawao Forest Reserve sits at nearly 4000 feet evasion. This trail is remarkably well maintained. There are many dirt bike paths, which are not intended for hikers so be careful to stay on the main trail. The trail has an elevation gain of nearly 1000 feet fo be careful to plan accordingly. This trail is a bit harder to find than the others discussed thus far. 

Distance: 5.75 Miles

Difficulty: Moderate

Google Maps:

Frisbee Golf Trail

Poli Poli

While a frisbee golf trail is not a traditional hike, playing the actual course is optional. At 6000 feet elevation, this course is unique because it features radical elevation changes, which is unusual in frisbee golf. It’s also complemented by the panoramic view of the ocean and the West Maui Mountains. It’s said to be private, but I have never had to make reservations to use the course. Let us know if you have an issue.

Distance: 3ish miles

Difficulty: Easy – Moderate

Google Maps: